Privacy policy

About Privacy policy

WIDEWORKS complies with the ‘Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection’ for the protection of your personal information. We would like to inform you about the purpose and method of use of the personal information you provide, and the measures taken for its protection, based on the following policy. Any revisions to our personal information handling policy will be announced on our website.

  • We do not sell or rent the personal information of our customers or visitors to third parties.
  • We will only provide information in response to requests from investigative or government agencies, in accordance with the procedures and methods prescribed by law, for the purpose of investigation under applicable laws and regulations.
  • We take reasonable measures to prevent and correct any hacking, leakage, loss, destruction, or alteration of personal information for the purposes of ensuring the security of personal information management.
  • We promptly handle customer improvement requests and consultations related to personal information.

Regarding the handling of personal information

WIDEWORKS uses personal information for the following purposes. For more information on personal information, please refer to the contact information of the responsible person below.

  • To respond to various inquiries and facilitate communication.
  • Access to personal information of job applicants inquiring about employment opportunities.
  • Use of additional information for the purpose of task performance through business orders.
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