Slide Background
01. Slide Background
Every slide includes a background, which can be a picture or solid color.
Step 1

To change the background click on the label bar and in the layer window select the style tab.

Step 2

Choose a source from the background top tab then upload an image or pick a background color.


WIDEWORKS is a corporation that helps small and large businesses to reach out their business goals in the way of developing website, marketing plans and other design related services. WIDEWORKS discovers and plans clients’ businesses together to build the website to engage with customers and help with all other designs if necessary. WIDEWORKS will be your trustworthy partner to provide perfectly matched services glocally (global+local).

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WIDEWORKS has over 10 years of experiences of creating multilingual websites and packing designs that follow export regulations of Japan and the U.S. Please see full portfolio section to see our featured works.

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