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WIDEWORKS offers the quotation based on the price chart below. The price chart includes only processing and producing fees, and the price may vary according to marketing plan, photographing, copyright, and other additional service fees.

Please see the price chart below and select your option for detailed quotation.

Reference standard price list

Offline design Price
Letter/1Page/One side $600~
Letter/2Page/Both sides $900〜
Letter/4Page $1,400〜
Letter/8Page $2,000〜
Letter/16Page $3,200〜
Poster $1,500〜
Sticker $250〜
bussiness card $100~
Web design Price
Web site $2,800〜
EC site $5,800〜
PR webpage $500〜
Foreign language Web $3,800〜
Foreign language PR webpage $600〜
Sigh design Price
CI&BI $800〜
Work type Price
Package Design $1,200(Only design)〜
Foreign language design $800(Only design)〜
Envelope production $500〜
Work type Price
Photo $500〜
translation and subtitles $500〜
Sound production $800〜

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